The very first school in Stakliskes was established in 1593. It was a parish school.

When Lithuanian press was forbidden the priest Vincentas Butvydas taught the entire parish to read Lithuanian. He stayed in Stakliskes between 1883 and 1912. Liudas Gira, the famous Lithuanian writer, was his student.

 In 1915 the first primary school was opened. In the year 1945 pro-gymnasium was established in Stakliskes. It developed into a secondary school by year 1956.

In 1962 a new school‘s building was constructed. The typical three floor building was built in the centre of Stakliskes. It has the sport field near the school.

The school is proud of its graduates: Leonora Kaminskaite became an Olympic bronze medallist in Montreal.  M. Raizyte, N. Raizyte and A. Zurlienë are well known writers.

Some of our students returned to school as teachers.  Onute Andruleviciene is the Lithuanian language teacher and Vidas Noreika is ITC teacher, he was working as a headmaster for 14 years.

Headmasters of our school

From 1962 to1988 Pranas Kundrotas was a headmaster.

From 1988 to2002 Vidas Noreika has been a headmaster.

From 2002 till now Povilas Veteris is a headmaster.

 Our school

 Our school is a rural school. We teach pupils aged 7-19 and there are 12 grades, 242 pupils altogether. We have 27 teachers working here. Also, we have two kindergartens (in Piestuvenai and Stakliskes) for children from 3 to 6 years old. We have pre-primary school classes there.

In Stakliskes the community is friendly. There is strong community support for the school, which is essentially the social hub for the community. Our annual holiday’s celebrations attract the entire community.

We are proud of our students and their accomplishments. They are achievers, winning many top awards at the annual district exhibits competitions; winning many trophies in a wide variety of sports.

Most students in the school are involved in extracurricular activities, including playing sports activities including football and basketball, attending Spanish language classes. We have 2 choirs: juniors’ and teenagers’. We have a dance group. Also, our students are playing musical instruments.

There are three galleries in our school in which we present art works of our students, we have exhibitions of art work of students from all district.

Students take part in these programmes: “The most democratic school”, “We are against violence” and “Summer’s camp”. 

Comenius Projects

2007 – 2009 Comenius multilateral project "Countries and cultures through art", where our school was a coordinator and worked together with schools from Turkey, Latvia and France.

Now we are doing the second year of a Comenius project "Re - creation by genetics: new ways of life?" regarding the issue of genetic modification. On this project we are working with partners from Italy (they are coordinators), Romania, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

We've found the experience so motivating and rewarding that currently we have prepared two new Comenius projects:

Comenius multilateral project is '3 E: Europe, Environment, English’ that our school would coordinate. We have partners from Latvia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Turkey and Spain.

Comenius bilateral project is “I am Citizen of Europe”. This project we are doing together with Romanian school that will coordinate this project.

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